Alzheimer’s Research- Cupcake Day at Blue Whale Media

Alzheimer’s Research- Cupcake Day at Blue Whale Media


The Blue Whale Media team are always ready for a challenge. We’ve climbed mountains, ran marathons and now we’re facing possibly the most testing challenge ever; baking cupcakes! In the week prior, our team buzzed around the office with ideas and recipes in the days leading up to our cupcake day, all excited to share their creations.


Even though we’re not professional bakers, we take part in cupcake day to raise funds and awareness in aid of Alzheimer’s Research. 2017 research by Alzheimer’s Research UK showed that in the UK, an estimated 850,000 people are affected by dementia. Unfortunately, that number is only rising and to every four cancer researchers there is only one dementia researcher. Every penny counts towards advancing Alzheimer’s research as statistics show that 537,097 people in the UK are diagnosed with dementia every year. With that number predicted to rise over 1 million in 2025, research and funding has never been so important.


The team at Blue Whale Media wanted to do our part by taking part in cupcake day. 6 members of our team took up their whisks and created 6 different flavours of cupcakes, producing over 40 cupcakes in total! The office meeting table was covered with a selection of Blue Whale’s finest baked goods, from chocolate chip and Galaxy to banoffee, Kinder Bueno and popping candy. With plenty of delectable treats to choose from, our team dug in.


After 2-3 cupcakes each and feeling a little giddy from all of the sugar, a few members of the team boxed up the remaining cupcakes and went out into Birchwood Park to offer them to the neighbouring businesses. The rain certainly didn’t dampen our spirits as we trotted around the business park with 4 boxes of cakes and a collection tin. Within 20 minutes, we had managed to sell all of our remaining cupcakes and even got a few extra donations (we like to think that our charm and customer service definitely helped).


Overall, we raised £48 to be donated towards dementia research. This money can go towards funding vital drug research and testing. Alzheimer’s Research UK statistics reported that only 0.02% of newly researched compounds and drugs receive Regulatory

Authority approval and since 1980, there have only been 4 drugs approved to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia treatment and prevention research still has a long way to go, and every little bit of fundraising helps us get closer to beating this awful disease.


We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone that participated and took the time to bake cupcakes and also to everybody who bought a cake and gave money to Alzheimer’s Research UK. The whole Blue Whale Media team enjoyed participating in cupcake day and we’re looking forward to seeing what we’ll raise next year.


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