Birchwood Park nuclear engineering consultancy expands into Wales

BIRCHWOOD Park-based specialist nuclear engineering consultancy firm, Tenet Consultants, has embarked on an exciting strategic move into Wales.

Expanding beyond its current offices in Birchwood Park, Warrington and Westlakes Science Park, Cumbria, this decision reflects the growing prominence of Wales as an emerging hub within the nuclear industry. With its rich potential and promising opportunities, Wales presents an ideal landscape for Tenet to further establish its presence and contribute to the thriving nuclear sector in the region.
Located on Anglesey, Tenet’s new offices within the M-SParc community serves as a strategic move to harness the region’s untapped potential. With a focus on recruiting top talent in EC&I and Mechanical Design Engineering, Tenet is committed to building a skilled workforce that reflects the diversity and innovation inherent in Wales. By establishing its presence at M-SParc, Tenet aims to cultivate a collaborative environment with local talent and resources, where ideas flourish, solutions emerge, and individuals thrive.
Tenet’s move into Wales represents a strategic and promising development for both the company and the region’s nuclear industry. By joining forces with organizations like M-SParc and tapping into the local talent pool, Tenet is poised to make significant contributions to innovation, growth, and sustainability within the Welsh nuclear sector, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership for years to come.

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