Cheshire’s Mix 56 takes local radio by storm

There’s something pretty special happening right here in Warrington. It’s local, it’s lively and it’s proudly stirring the airwaves like a good cup of tea – it’s us, Cheshire’s Mix 56!

We’re like that new kid on the block who’s got everyone talking. And here’s the gist. We aim to bring back the cosy feel of local radio. It’s been missing for a while. Feels good to be part of the community, doesn’t it?
Now, you might wonder, “Why the buzz?” It’s simple. Think of the radio as your favourite oldschool diner. Everyone knows your name, and the vibe is just right. That’s us. We have a mix of tunes, chatter, and local love.
Paul Smith is steering the ship. He says, “In three years, we went from a small online station in our spare room to the medium of DAB. MIX 56 is bringing back local radio to Cheshire.
The big radio groups have long cut local services to the bone. That’s why we are growing our local audience and being out in the community.”
But hey, we don’t roll solo. We have great partners, including United Utilities and McDonald’s at Lymm Services. Warrington’s Own Buses and Lightcliffe Skoda also ride with us.
Catch my drift? Yes, that’s local.
As a Community Interest Company (CIC), it’s not all about the tunes. It’s about knitting with the local purveyors. They are the crafters, bakers, and candlestick makers.
They are woven into the fabric of our work. If you’re stirring up something exciting in the community, we’re here to broadcast it loud and proud.
Because, at the end of the day, we’re more than a radio station. We’re a merry band of broadcasters, locals, and businesses. We’re excited to broadcast radio from Cheshire instead of a London postcode. We want to make it a vibrant community chorus.
So, whether you’re off to work, lounging back at home, or just living up the local life, flip us on. Welcome to Mix 56 – where we’re keeping it real, keeping it local, and definitely not keeping quiet.
We’re excited to work with local businesses and share your stories and successes.
Catch all the action and more at Because Cheshire, we’re here, and we’re just getting started.

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