Exploring backflush filters with Croft Filters

Whether you’re in the pharmaceutical, power generation, or food and beverage industry, many parts of your business need to run correctly at all times.

If one thing doesnt run properly – even something as small as a filter – it can throw your entire production line off balance. According to research conducted by OneServe, downtime is a serious detriment to productivity in the workplace. Around 3% of all working days are lost each year because of downtime, equating to around ?31,000 in lost revenue per incident. Recently, the team at Croft Filters invested in a new state-of-the-art laser cutting system. This new machine means that we can produce customised filters for our clients faster in-house, as well as creating more advanced tools to reduce the impact of downtime.

Many of the filtering solutions that our clients rely upon today use in-and-out technology. This simply means that water and other substances move through the filter, allowing for debris and dirt to be captured by a carefully constructed metal cage. These filters work very well for a time, providing the consistency in results that todays companies need. However, they do eventually need to be removed and cleaned so that the debris captured by the system doesn’t clog the operating mechanisms. Unfortunately, its difficult to predict when a filter needs to be removed and maintained. This means that many plants experience unexpected downtime when their system suddenly stops working due to a clog. Thanks to our investment in a new in-house laser cutting machine, Croft Filters can now produce backwashing filters, which can keep unplanned downtime to a minimum.

When a filter clogs, usually the only option is to remove the component from its machine and clean it thoroughly. This means shutting down the entire workflow for a time. For most manufacturers, downtime is the single greatest source of lost production time and income. The biggest expense usually comes from unplanned downtime. Unfortunately, 82% of companies have experienced unexpected disruptions over the last few years. Generally, most companies will know that their filters will eventually need to be cleaned, regardless of their capabilities. However, using our advanced laser cutting service, we can create durable and robust backwashing systems that allow for water to be pumped back through the filter. This form of preventative maintenance shakes up the inside of the filter cage, dislodging clogs, and allowing the machine to operate for longer. The backwashing process means that companies can complete a project before they need to remove and clean the filter. It may even be possible to wait until the end of the production day to perform maintenance, which makes the downtime as inexpensive as possible.

Designing backwash filters

The backwash filters that were designing at Croft reduce the expensive interruptions that companies encounter when their systems unexpectedly clog and fail. You can extend the longevity of your filter temporarily and schedule your
downtime for a more appropriate period. In the past, we wouldnt have been able to produce backwash filters, as they require exceptional strength and high-level material cutting. However, because we recently invested in our new laser cutting machine, we now have the resources needed to produce state-of-the-art filters that were impossible for us to create before. Our new laser cutting technology allows us to offer high-quality products faster. The investment also means that we can bring more diversity and flexibility to our manufacturing process, using more robust materials that wont be crushed or damaged by the significant pressure of a backwashing system. Our advanced laser cutter can cut through virtually any material, from the thinnest materials to the most durable alloy. This gives us the freedom we need to continue producing incredible bespoke filters for a range of applications.

In the past, we relied on sub-contracting laser cutting so that we could serve our customers. Now, with our new investment, we can produce even the most advanced filter systems in-house. That means that you get the results you need faster, and you can explore a wider range of filtration opportunities too. In any environment, filters need to be properly maintained, with regular cleaning to remove particulates and debris. However, an effective backwashing filter will allow you to get more time out of your machines and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime. With our help, you can get rid of the costly disruptions that might be hampering your workflow, and make sure that maintenance happens at a time that suits your schedule. To find out more about what Croft filters can do to protect and preserve your machinery with state-of-the-art filters, contact our team today on 01925 766 265

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