Information on face coverings on public transport

IT is now mandatory for all passengers to wear face coverings while travelling on public transport and to help passengers Warrington’s Own Buses have provided some information.

Warrington’s Own Buses have issued the following information to help.

Pre journey information
Before your journey please remember to check the latest bus timetables and plan to travel at quieter times. Before you set off to catch the bus;
Please remember to bring a face covering for your journey as without one you will be unable to travel.
A face covering can be very simple, like a scarf or bandana that ties behind the head to give a snug fit. It just needs to cover your mouth and nose.
If you are unable to wear a face covering you might want to get a journey assistance card to help you let people know. Please contact the bus company if you would like one.
Details on who is exempt are available at

Bus stop or station information
At the bus stop
Please put your face covering on before boarding the bus and wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before putting it on.
If you are unable to wear a face covering please inform the driver and if you have one show your journey assistance card.
To keep everyone safe please store a used face covering in a plastic bag and take it home.
On board information
Whilst on board the bus.
Please wear your face covering throughout the duration of your journey, including when disembarking the bus.
Rather than wear a face covering the driver is behind a screen to keep you and them safe.
If you need a drink while travelling please do so quickly and be mindful of others.
Be aware that not everyone can wear a face covering and some exemptions apply.
Please take your face covering with you at the end of your journey and dispose of it safely.

Meanwhile from June 22 Warrington’s Own Buses service levels will increase to 85% of the pre-Covid service levels as their services return almost back to normal.
Coinciding with the Government’s relaxation of lockdown measures and more passengers travelling on their services they will be ending our free travel for Health & Social Care workers offer.
All key workers have done a fantastic job keeping the town moving, caring for our residents and helping in the fight against Coronavirus. As our communities return to work and essential travel restrictions have started to be eased, these temporary measures have to come to an end.
All passengers are asked to think carefully about their journey and to ensure that they are wearing a face covering whilst using bus services.

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