Local Training provider turns to online and virtual teaching seminars to continue growth and support CIPS professionals

Local Training provider S.L. Procurement Solutions Limited has turned to online and virtual teaching seminars to continue growth and support CIPS professionals in gaining their qualifications through the Covid-19 Pandemic.

S.L. Procurement Solutions Limited are a leading training provider, delivering Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Chain courses to the Warrington and surrounding areas.

The CIPS qualifications that are taught by S.L. Procurement Solutions Limited are delivered via a timetable across all level 4 Diploma, Level 5 Advanced Diploma and Level 6 Professional Diploma modules. The vast amount of course content is usually delivered via condensed face to face afternoon teaching sessions, to maximise content but minimise the usually time-consuming commitment needed to gain these sought-after qualifications.

But the company’s usual course delivery had to be re-thought by Company Director Stephen Lovatt, to ensure all students continued with their studies despite being unable to physically attend the sessions, this is due individuals working from home, employees who have been furloughed but are still able to attend training.

“We already had a large cohort of students either starting their Level 4 topics or continuing through their Level 5 and 6 topics. With all the commitment from our students already it simply was not an option to pause all teaching whilst our local Warrington meeting rooms had to close their doors to protect the public”.

“We already had experience of delivering some course content to a cohort in a Southern UK region, and so we knew it was something we could tailor for our CIPS professionals who didn’t want to pause their professional development despite this pandemic.”

“There are a multitude of platforms to deliver online and virtually, but what I wanted to ensure is that we continued to connect positively by sharing our professional experiences and adapting them to our course content”

“We had to throw the old timetable out the window and spilt our group sessions so that we could make sure everyone could still participate in studies. Some were still working, either in the office or from home, some furloughed, some with children and other dependents so it wasn’t a case of hoping they can get the time to log in and join us. I had to make sure everyone was getting a great amount of course content during different times of the day. This has worked brilliantly and shown us how virtual sessions bring far more flexibility away from our usual fixed timetable”

S.L. Procurement Solutions Limited student Charlotte Farrell said “These topics take an immense amount of commitment and so I was thrilled to know I could continue my studies despite working from home. It was really nice to be able to see the usual cohort, despite only on screen. We managed to still engage and debate on topics and get to grips with our new style of learning. It’s been a really easy transition and I am delighted to still feel ready to sit my exams in July and not waste any time on achieving my qualification”.

In fact the flexibility of the virtual sessions has brought new students to the company and they have already been enjoying the new way of learning.

“It’s been amazing to see the resilience of our Warrington businesses and their employees who are striving for continued professional development, even during this time, it’s a true reflection of the regions business prowess. I am so proud to be able to still deliver my courses and help them on their professional journey’s,” added Stephen.

CIPS Level 4 Diploma – virtual online teaching sessions Dates: get in touch for online dates and costs and availability.

We are delivering CIPS Level 4 Diploma topics virtually – throughout the summer and will continue to do so until our usual meeting rooms open for business. We have designated study sessions for these CIPS topics:

Coming up next is:

Scope and Influence in Procurement and Supply (L4M1)

Procurement and Supply in Practise (L4M8)

And either continue as virtual sessions or, face to face classroom delivery of:

Commerical Contracting (L4M3)

October 2020

Commerical Negotiation (L4M5)

October 2020

Ethical and Responsible Sourcing (L4M4)

December 2020

Supplier Relationships (L4M6)

January 2021

For more detailed course content and information, or for information on now to enrol on these weekend CIPS Topic sessions please email: stephenlovatt@slprocurementsolutions.com

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