New meet, eat and work destination to drive innovation at Birchwood Park

PATRIZIA-managed Birchwood Park, the North West’s leading out-of-town business destination is proud to be launching Warrington’s first-of-its-kind, all day, eat and meet working destination, set to promote collaboration and wellbeing amongst the park’s 6,000 occupiers.

The park, which was established 20 years ago and is currently home to more than 165 businesses and organisations from Dr Sch‰r to Wood Group, has transformed its central hub into an integrated meet, eat and work space, offering the very best facilities for park occupiers and general public alike.

The brand new business hub was unveiled on Monday 4th March, after a £850,000 investment. The transformation will see a brand new trend-led interior, bringing a relaxed, open-plan area to the site and encouraging all-day use with the facilities opening from 7am until 5pm, Monday to Friday.

The innovative space has been renamed ëthe EngineRoomsí, to align with the new modern look and feel of the space. It reflects a new identity for the new all day meet, eat and work concept ñ a place to fuel your body and work your mind.

Designed by Birchwood Park occupier, interior design and architectural firm, DV8 Designs, the EngineRooms is a carefully-crafted and forward-thinking concept, which combines the relaxed ambience of a hotel business lounge, the sociability of a co-working space and ultra-modern food hall, offering the best of Europeís food market-style dining.

Managing Director of DV8 Designs, Lee Birchall said: ìAs a team we wanted to wow occupiers and visitors with the new design aesthetically, but as park residents we were all in agreement that the design process also had to be experience-led, we wanted to make it work in a practical and convenient way for the busy people who spend time here.

ìThere is nothing like this around for eating, meeting and working socially, so we know it will attract talent and business from all over the UK and weíre proud to have been involved.î

The transformation of Birchwood Parkís central hub dovetails into its ethos of driving innovation and wellbeing amongst its occupiers and its emphasis on retaining its talent, whilst attracting new businesses.

Martin OíRourke, commercial director at Birchwood Park comments: ëThe development of the Engine Rooms is our most exciting renovation on the park to date, and we canít wait to see our occupiers and the wider business community using it.

ëWeíre committed to ensuring that Birchwood Park remains at the forefront of innovation ñcontinuing to drive occupier retention and attract the next generation of business talent. With easy access from the M62, ample parking, and fast WiFi, the Engine Rooms will become a premier destination in the North West for all-day meeting, eating and working ñ anyone is welcome to work from the EngineRooms, from as little as the price of a coffee.í

Martin continued: ëWe know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the workplace and, while weíre proud of the parkís growth over the last 20 years, weíre ready to up our game throughout 2019.

ëThe refurbishment of the Engine Rooms is just the first step towards our wider ambition to completely disrupt expectations when it comes to becoming the best out-of-town all day eat and meet co-working destination.í

In 2018, Birchwood Park celebrated 20 years of growth. Since 1998 the park has almost tripled in size, providing 1.1million square feet of office and warehouse space and accommodating over 165 businesses.

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