Students share food donations with Warrington’s Foodbank

KIND-hearted Social Work students gathered items for Warrington’s foodbank as part of a national week of action.

The students at University Centre Warrington got involved in Amnesty International UK’s Week of Action, which promoted human rights. The group created artwork to raise awareness and explore the themes of human rights as well as collecting donations of food.

Dr Valerie Gant, Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work and Interprofessional Education said: “This group of Social Work students are in their final year and getting ready for placement and ultimately social work practice and I felt it was important for them to be offered an opportunity to become involved in Amnesty International’s week of action.

“We discussed it as a group and students decided to make posters to be displayed around the Warrington site to highlight the importance of the Human Rights Act and the fact that elements of it are currently under review. Students also decided to take the opportunity to donate to the Warrington foodbank.”

Student Sarah Faulkner said: “Amnesty International’s Week of Action is important as it raises awareness for human rights and humanity.”

Fellow student Kelly Lopez-Reeve added: “Designing and producing the posters was a great way to spend time with fellow students, doing something so close to our hearts. Human rights are fundamental to our profession.”

Warrington’s Foodbank

Students gather items for the Warrington Foodbank.

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