Warrington’s Own Buses champions St Rocco’s Hospice

St. Rocco’s, plays a vital part in providing essential services to people within the community and are looking forward to working in partnership with the bus company in 2020.

The promotion of the hospice on the specially branded bus will help to get the message out that St. Rocco’s are there for the town’s residents when they need it most.

Nicola Henshaw, Corporate Fundraiser for St. Rocco’s Hospice said: “It’s exciting to be partnered with Warrington’s Own Buses as Charity of the Year for 2020 and we’re very excited to see the amazing fundraising that the company will be doing throughout the year.

“St. Rocco’s is dedicated to providing an important service to the people of Warrington, much like Warrington’s Own Buses are, so it’s always lovely to be able to work with companies that share our vision.’

Bus Driver Tony Hughes and Staff Manager Tom Chisnall joined staff at St Rocco’s to launch the partnership this week.

Ben Wakerley, Managing Director of Warrington’s Own Buses sadded: “It is terrific to support St Roccos, who have been there for so many of our friends and family. Our team has already raised over £1000 and hope to do much more this year.’

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