WERK: The future of home and hybrid working

It’s fair to say that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a generational shift in how we go about doing our work.

Working from home has become a permanent part of the week for more and more of us.

Many didn’t expect that remote workers would become more productive and healthier than they were before.

Hybrid working is here to stay, and it’s turned out to be much more positive than imagined two years ago. WERK aim to do home working right, and enable businesses to enjoy those benefits in the long term.

At WERK, they believe that now is the time to embrace this permanent shift and to tackle the long term challenges that the new hybrid worker faces. Working in a coffee shop or at the kitchen table can not be the solution for aproductive business and healthy workforce in the long term.

WERK is a new company based in Frodsham with a long history in design and manufacturing. Their first garden office is aimed at enabling hybrid workers to operate in an environment that is at least as good as they would expect froma city centre office.

The WERK garden office is designed to offer many benefits. It is a highly sustainable product, with an off grid solarpowered option, ergonomic furniture designed for well being as well as optimised connectivity. It will also be relocatable, without the need for a concrete base and can be installed within hours. Infrared radiant heating will keep you warm. Fresh air will be filtered. It will offer a great place to work without compromise, and without the commute.

WERK are now keen to engage with companies in the Warrington area who operate a hybrid working policy. They want to speak with you to understand the real world challenges you face and how their products can help.

Let them know what you think, and if WERK Hybrid Working could benefit your business.

Contact chris@mywerk.co

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