Blue Whale Media Invest in Motion Graphics Design and Video Drone Technology

Warrington-based web developer, Blue Whale Media have added a new dimension to their web-based services with the inclusion of a motion graphics designer to the graphics team.

With websites now becoming increasingly more animated and video-based, Blue Whale Media felt it necessary to bolster the company’s editing abilities and services with the addition of Luke Christopher, a 21-year-old motion graphic designer. With Luke on the graphics team, Blue Whale Media now have another video editor who is also accomplished in animation and motion graphics, letting the team explore new avenues like high-quality drone media and animated motion graphics.

While Luke will be using Adobe Photoshop to do static graphics work, he’ll mostly be working in Adobe Illustrator, allowing him to edit and prepare images before bringing them into Adobe After Effects to animate. Along with these programs, he’ll be using Cinema 4D to do 3D graphics modelling and design, rounding out an impressive set of tools and abilities. Luke’s inclusion is an important one going forward as it allows Blue Whale Media to capture and edit a large amount of high definition drone footage for a variety of services. From making title cards or layovers with key information to including Hollywood-level video effects, Luke will be busy expanding Blue Whale Media’s portfolio of drone videos and services.

Luke Christopher began video editing at the young age of eleven, putting together online videos of his favourite video game series, Call of Duty. As Luke progressed, he went from editing gameplay videos on Youtube to exploring the wide world of motion graphics and 3D graphic design. Luke continued to unite his passions and video editing by building up a portfolio of title sequences for his favourite horror films and tv series, combining 3D editing and designs into his personalised video openings. From working with 3D models to animating 2D images, Luke’s passion for motion graphics design shines through in all his work as he begins animating images and editing videos for Blue Whale Media.

Blue Whale Media is a web design and media company based in Warrington. If you’d like to find out more about our web design work, social media marketing and drone video services, be sure to call at 01925 552 050.

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